Ołeksandra Wasejko
Ukrainian Łukaszko Kalennyk, father of Mrs Oleksandra Vaseiko, known as Mrs Szura, worked for his Polish neighbours in the harvest before the war. He was also a veteran of the Polish-Bolshevik War.
In 1943, the Bandera tried to force him to join them. But Łukaszko did not want to kill his neighbours. And since he had already lost an eye in the course of economic work before the war, he had a plausible excuse to refuse.
During those tragic months, he travelled through Polish villages and warned of attacks being prepared by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. And when the attack did happen, he risked his life to help Poles hide in the woods.
Oleksandra Vaseiko, or Mrs Shura. Photo Marcin Jończyk
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