Righteous neighbours from Volhynia
But while some threw themselves into killing, others rushed in to save.
Among the Ukrainians in Volhynia were thousands who risked their lives to help their persecuted Polish neighbours. Despite the threat to their lives from the nationalists, these heroes gave shelter to Poles in their homes, cellars, utility rooms. Others carried food into the forest, where some hid from the torturers.
lthough we do not know specific figures on the scale of Ukrainian aid, we do know that it was thousands of people. Almost everyone who managed to survive the Volhynian massacre mentions some Ukrainian who contributed to it.
The Ukrainian Skakalski family gave shelter to Maria Pietroniec, Janina Paulus and her four-year-old daughter Alicja in Krzemieniec.
In the joint photo, the rescued and the rescuer. From the left Janina Paulus, Alicja Paulus, Hanna Skakalska, Maria Pietroniec. In the back, first from the right, stands Zinaida Samczuk née Skakalska.
Photo Private archive of the Król family
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