A new atmosphere for dialogue
Ukrainians, in order to thank the attitude of Poles towards refugees from their country, began spontaneously to clean up Polish cemeteries in Volhynia. Not persuaded by anyone, they organised themselves and cleaned the Polish cemeteries in Ostrówki, Rymaczy, Lubomla, Hołoby, Przebraż, Złoczówka, Kisielin, Kowel, Boreml and Skurcz. Many Poles could not hide their tears of emotion. The Ukrainians are announcing another instalment of this action this year.
Also, a different message started to come from Ukrainian politicians than before Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, said on 25 May 2023 in the Polish Sejm: ‘We will accept the truth no matter how painful it may be.‘ The unblocking of the exhumation process was also announced. In Ukraine, more and more people see that the dispute with Poland over Volhynia does not serve either side.
Poland and Ukraine faced a historic opportunity for reconciliation in the face of Russian aggression against our neighbour.
Cleaning up the Catholic cemetery in Zbarazh in the Tarnopol region. April 2022
Photo Piotr Bajdecki / Polish Cultural and Educational Society ‘Zbaraż‘ / ‘The Volhynia Monitor‘
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